Welsbach Technology Metals Acquisition Corp. (NASDAQ: WTMAU)

Our purpose is to support and fund enterprises that are involved in the development of supply chains for materials that are critical to the energy transition.

Upstream Upstream
  • Lithium, Rare Earths, Cobalt, Nickel, Vanadium, Graphene
  • Junior mining explorers and companies in production
  • Global focus including developed and emerging markets
Midstream Midstream
  • Concentrates to oxides refining, metal works and alloy making
  • Movement of molecules from producer to refiner, logistics and transportation
  • Trading, risk management and hedging solutions
Downstream Downstream
  • Third party industrial optimization solutions
  • Recycling and closed-loop supply chains
  • Permanent magnet manufacturers, anode and cathode makers, etc.

Guiding Principles for Selection

Size & Profile

  • Enterprise value: $150mn - $500mn
  • High growth, development-stage companies, attractive risk-reward
  • Reasonable valuation with upside for multiple expansion
  • Benefits from being publicly traded and having access to capital markets

Focus Area

  • Focus on fragmented sectors with opportunity for innovation
  • Technology metals and materials that are critical to the energy transition
  • Across the Entire Supply Chain


  • Focus on teams with proven track record of execution of projects
  • Team with strong engineering background and focus on the development of innovative industry solutions
  • Proven business development capabilities and intense commercial focus


Welsbach Technology Metals Acquisition Corp (WTMAU) is a newly organized blank check company incorporated as a Delaware corporation and formed for the purpose of effecting a merger with a business, with a focus on the global Tech Metals value chain.


While we may pursue an acquisition opportunity in any industry or sector, we intend to focus on the global Tech Metals sector. WTMAU will identify and acquire a business that benefits from Welsbach’s extensive technical and financial expertise in the Tech Metals sector and that presents compelling potential for an attractive risk-adjusted return.

Our focus is on the supply chain of metals and materials that are critical to the global energy transition away from fossil fuels and towards renewable energy and E-mobility. The Tech Metals value chain includes the mining, separation, concentration, refinement, production, and development of these minerals, and their derivatives, which are used in the fabrication of, and development of intermediate industrial products and final products required for the global transition to EV automobiles and renewable energy.

Sponsor Team and Management

Sponsor Team and Management

WTMAU is co-sponsored by the Singapore-based Welsbach Holdings Pte Ltd, a leading tech metals supply chain stakeholder. Welsbach Holdings invests and develops projects that are related to Technology Materials and Clean Energy Generation. Welsbach Holdings has established a network that spans across the entire supply chain and has established partnerships in the upstream and midstream segments; Welsbach also focuses on R&D solutions for Industrial Consumers in the downstream segment and on ventures that contribute to the decarbonization of the economy that are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG).

The Welsbach team is composed of recognized experts in the tech metals space, with extensive relationships and a global network of experts and executives in geology, metallurgy, logistics, finance and technology. Welsbach principals have significant hands-on experience working with private companies in preparing for and executing an initial public offering, in addition to serving as active directors by working closely with these companies to continue their transformations and to create value in the public markets.

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